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Other Applications

Forward osmosis can be utilised in many different commercially unexploited areas; these include enhanced oil recovery, hydro osmotic power (HOP) and osmotic concentration or dehydration.

All of these exploit Modern Water’s patent portfolio and proprietary knowhow, built upon more than six years operation in the field using forward osmosis for both desalination and evaporative cooling make-up water.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

The process exploits the difference in osmotic pressures between the source solution (normally seawater) and the produced water.

Pure water flows (without hydraulic pressure) from the seawater to the produced water via a semi-permeable membrane, increasing its flow and diluting it prior to re-injection. In this way, not only is suitable injection water produced but it is compatible with the formation. This is a unique approach which offers simplicity and a reduction in energy consumption compared to competing processes.

Hydro Osmotic Power

The Group’s patented Hydro Osmotic Power (HOP) technology generates renewable energy by exploiting the difference in salinity between two different water sources and inducing water to flow via a semi-permeable membrane from the lower salinity water to the higher salinity water. In this way flow and pressure energy is produced which can be used to drive a turbine and produce renewable electricity. The process can be enhanced using for instance a solar pond, to generate very high osmotic pressures or using the concentrated brine from a desalination plant.
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