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The need for brine concentration has never been greater with increased focus on waste minimisation, zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and increased water recycling.

Modern Water’s brine concentration technologies can either eliminate or substantially reduce the size of a thermal brine concentrator and crystalliser as part of a brine concentration or ZLD treatment process. In traditional processes the thermal brine concentrator and separate crystalliser are expensive to buy and maintain because of the construction complexity and the exotic materials used, with particularly high operating costs primarily due to high energy consumption.

Modern Water has two different patented and proprietary processes for brine concentration, developed from our extensive knowledge of forward osmosis and osmotically driven membrane processes. These were developed to meet the needs of generating very high osmotic pressure solutions for use in forward osmosis type applications and more specifically brine concentration. These processes only use electrical energy for pumping - being pressure driven and are esthetically elegant in their simplicity. Operating with hydraulic pressures similar to conventional seawater reverse osmosis, yet can easily produce brine concentrations in excess of 160,000 mg/l as NaCl equivalent.

The processes work using a multi-passed array of specialised semi-permeable membranes and incorporate forward osmosis depending on the application.

Advantages of Modern Water’s brine concentration technologies are that the All Membrane Brine Concentrator (AMBC);
  • Can operate on high salinity waters that are beyond the reach of common reverse osmosis
  • Creates a high dissolved solids output, up to approximately 160,000 mg/l of total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Uses lower power consumption
  • Utilises electrical power, eliminating the use of thermal energy and its complexities common to other brine concentration approaches.
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