Providing world-leading water technologies

  • World-leading membrane technologies

    World-leading membrane technologies

  • Producing fresh water in demanding seawater conditions

    Producing fresh water in demanding seawater conditions

  • World's first commercial forward osmosis desalination plant

    World's first commercial forward osmosis desalination plant

Latest news

  • Modern Water is seeking to recruit a Technical Sales Manager

    Modern Water is expanding the global reach of its Membrane Process division to develop new clients, additional licensees and partners. We are therefore looking for an experienced technical sales manager to support growth of our Membrane Process division by forging new relationships, securing sales and supporting our licensees.

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  • Modern Water's New Solutions Guide on Drilling Mud Management with Microtox

    Heightened regulatory pressure and an increased emphasis on water recycling have brought attention to the need for rapid assessment of the toxicity of drilling muds and fluids. Modern Water’s Microtox® technology can detect the presence of over 2700 different chemicals and provides extremely accurate results.

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  • Water scarcity in India's silicon valley

    India's silicon valley Bangalore has run out of water. Modern Water plc is proud to be at the forefront of technologies that save and treat water in industrial processes, including a project in India using Modern Water plc's proprietary brine concentration technology to treat wastewater produced in the textile dyes industry.

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  • Harmful effects of trace metals in irrigation water and Modern Water's OVA

    A recent article in Science Daily highlights the potential harmful health effects to local communities due to the presence of trace metals in sources of irrigated water. Communities at risk include those in close proximity to mines or sources of naturally occurring arsenic.

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  • Is the world running out of fresh water?

    Is the World Running Out of Fresh Water? A recent article by BBC Future highlights the world’s growing global freshwater crisis. Protecting the world’s fresh water resources requires innovative technology and comprehensive conservation initiatives aimed at protecting water.

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  • PDV trace metal monitor now with Chinese language interface

    Modern Water is pleased to announce that its portable trace metal monitor, the PDV Series , is now offered with either a Simplified or Traditional Chinese language user interface as standard options. The PDV provides highly accurate monitoring and can be configured to detect 24 different trace metals.

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  • Modern Water at AquaTech China June 4th-7th

    Modern Water Monitoring will attend Aquatech China 2017, the largest water technology show for process, drinking, waste water in Asia, in Shanghai, PRC from June 4–7th.

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Membrane Processes

We own, install and operate world-leading forward osmosis technology.

Packaged Desalination Systems

We supply a range of high specification, low cost packaged RO systems for seawater desalination.

Monitoring Products

We develop and supply advanced systems and technologies for water monitoring.
Modern Water owns, installs and operates world-leading membrane technologies and develops and supplies advanced systems for water monitoring. Modern Water takes a global approach to providing technologies focused on addressing the scarcity of fresh water and the treatment of wastewater.
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